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UCI Road World Championships

The 2018 UCI Road World Championships will be held in Innsbruck-Tirol, Austria, beginning on September 23.The Championships will see a host of new rainbow jersey wearers don the honour of the strips for a year and events consist of Junior, Under 23 and Elite men’s races as well as Junior and Elite women’s races.

What are the UCI Road World Championships?

UCI Road World Championship titles are contested for road race, individual time trial and team time trial events.

In the road race and individual TT, there are categories for elite men, elite women, junior men, under-23 men and junior women. The TTT is run using trade rather than national teams.

Winners of the senior individual time trial and road race earn the right to wear the coveted rainbow jersey of world champion for the following 12 months in that discipline.

In 2018, the World Championships will move to Innsbruck (Austria) and the 2019 edition will take place in Yorkshire (Great Britain).

The men’s and women’s team time rials (TTT) will mark the opening of the events. The two courses – 53.8km for women and 62.1km for men – will share the same opening 40km, taking riders via Haiming, Telfs and Zirl to the village of Kematen.

Individual time trials (ITT) for Junior Men (20.2km), Junior Women (20.2km), Under 23 Men (28.5km) and Elite Women (28.5km) will start 20km east of Innsbruck. The Elite Men’s ITT event (54km) will begin in Rattenberg – and will feature a demanding climb.The Junior Women’s road race (74km) will feature loops of the ‘Olympic Circuit’, a 24km lap which includes 460 metres of climbing and passes through the villages of Aldrans, Lans and Igls before crossing the Innsbruck finish line.

The Junior, Under 23 and Women’s Elite races will also loop the Olympic circuit, with the number of laps varying per event.The Elite Men’s road race will cover 265km, with just under 5,000 metres of climbing, with a final climb which boasts ramps of 25 per cent. UCI Road World Championships 2018 route. The 2018 Road World Championships route looks set to be one of the toughest in history, with organisers of the race in the Austrian city of Innsbruck including ramps of up to 25 per cent in the elite men’s road race.The official routes for all of the 2018 events, which take place from September 23-30, were revealed at the 2017 Worlds in Bergen with the elite men’s road race set to cover over 5,000m of climbing over a distance of 265km.

2018 UCI World Championships Schedule

Sunday September 23 – Ötztal to Innsbruck, 53.8km – Elite Women’s Team Time Trial
Sunday September 23 – Ötztal to Innsbruck, 62.1km – Elite Men’s Team Time Trial
Monday September 24 – Hall-Wattens to Innsbruck, 20.2km – Women’s Junior Individual Time Trial
Monday September 24 – Hall-Wattens to Innsbruck, 28.5km – Men’s Under 23 Individual Time Trial
Tuesday September 25 – Hall-Wattens to Innsbruck, 28.5km – Men’s Junior Individual Time Trial
Tuesday September 25 – Hall-Wattens to Innsbruck, 28.5km – Women’s Elite Individual Time Trial
Wednesday September 26 – Alpbachtal Seenland – Innsbruck, 54.2km – Men’s Elite Individual Time Trial
Thursday September 27 – Alpbachtal Seenland – Innsbruck, 72.4km – Women’s Junior Road Race
Thursday September 27 – Kufstein – Innsbruck, 138.4km – Men’s Junior Road Race
Friday September 28 – Kufstein – Innsbruck, 186.2km – Men’s Under 23 Road Race
Saturday September 29 – Kufstein – Innsbruck, 162.3km – Women’s Elite Road Race
Sunday September 30 – Kufstein – Innsbruck, 265km – Men’s Elite Road Race

The men’s race will start in the town of Kufstein and begin with seven circuits of 24km of the ‘Olympic Circuit’ before heading northwards towards the Hungerburg settlement in the north where they’ll hit a climb featuring 25 per cent sections. The men’s peloton will then head back towards the centre of Innsbruck where the race will conclude.The elite women’s race, which begins in the same place, will begin with a 90km run towards the Olympic Circuit in Innsbruck which they will cover three times for a race distance of 162.5km.Only the junior women’s race begins elsewhere, with the junior men and U23 men also beginning in Kufstein to the east of Innsbruck. Each race will take on 72.4km, 138.4km and 186.2km respectively.The men’s individual time trial will also feature some demanding climbing, with the 54.2km course covering a 4.4km climb that hits a maximum pitch of 14 per cent. They begin in Rattenberg and head west towards Innsbruck where the race finishes.